At J.H. Churchill Funeral Home and Cremation Services, we believe that pets are important members of any family.

When the death of a pet occurs, it can be a very difficult time for all involved. As pet owners ourselves, we understand the special bond that exists between our animal companions.

Our professional and caring staff will be ready to assist you during this difficult process.

Request J.H. Churchill Funeral Home and Cremation Services to your veterinarian or call us directly at (270) 753-2411 when facing the loss of a beloved pet.

Pet Cremation Services and Information

  • Gentle and caring removal of your pet from local animal hospital or veterinarian, place of accident or your home within the boundaries of Calloway County.
  • Additional cost may be applied to remove the pet from outside the boundaries of Calloway County.
  • Pet owner may bring their own deceased pet to the crematory and or funeral home. (Please call ahead at (270) 753-2411)
  • Pet cremains may be delivered to your local veterinarian or may be picked up by the pet owner at the crematory and/or funeral home.
  • Pet cremains will be returned in a prompt and timely manner, typically in a 24 to 48-hour time period.
  • Pet cremains will be returned in a temporary urn, along with clay paw print impressions and a cremation certificate.
  • Additional merchandise is available, including decorative urns, keepsake jewelry, memorial markers and canvas portraits.
  • Pet caskets are available if the cremation process is not desired.
  • Prices vary depending on the size of the pet. (Please call for pricing, details and additional questions)
  • Pet owners have the choice to gather at our pet crematory and have the opportunity to utilize our viewing room if desired, upon request.

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