“Pre-planning" is an opportunity to make logical decisions for yourself and your family. It allows you to ease the burden of making decisions. Your loved ones should not have to make those decisions at a time of grief.

Pre-arrangement is not a preoccupation with death; it is a personal tool for preparation. Many people pre-arrange with a sincere desire to be helpful to their families and avoid questions and confusion later on.

A Pre-arranged Service is also a choice many people make to ease a possible financial burden on family members. It allows you to arrange the kind of service you desire based on today's prices and to be assured of adequate funding at the time of need.

There are several options available for funding pre-arrangement services. The folks at J. H. Churchill can provide all the information you need to make the best decisions. This removes stress and worry from your family at a time when then are least able to cope. It also provides them with a clear idea of you wishes.

The first step is to meet with your family. Offer your thoughts and then listen carefully. Since your funeral will most directly affect your family, it is essential to include their suggestions in your plans.

Then you can arrange a conference with your funeral director and family members. You are encouraged to ask as many questions as necessary and to discuss the choices that will help to create a tribute that is appropriate and meaningful for you and your family.

Your J. H. Churchill advisor has the proper forms needed for your pre-arrangements. He or she will keep a copy of these forms on file, and you should keep copies as well. Keep them with your valuable papers, review them periodically, and update them as necessary. Remember, with a pre-arrangement plan, you are in charge.

To help you with the answers to questions your funeral director may ask, please click our Downloadable Pre-Planning Form. You can also print this form and fill it out before your meeting.

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